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Is My Stuff Covered ?

Yes, through out the moving process and during travel while in our care.

How Do Customers Pay?

cash, check, venmo, credit cards, cash app, pay pal.

When Do I Pay ?

pay is expected upon completion of the job.

Can I Keep Appliances Connected ?

yes, however it is our technical need to disable your furniture there could be an extra fee.

Does Moving On Hauling & Moving provide a Certificate of Insurance?

If your building requires a certificate of insurance, send your building manager’s name and email address to [email protected]. We will reach out to your manager and provide the Certificate of Insurance.

If move time is 7hrs and 15mins, is it the full 8hr charge?

If it is 7 hours and 15 minutes, you pay for 7 hours and 15 minutes, not 8 hours.

How do lunch breaks work? Do you charge partial hours?

If we take a break-we stop the time. You don’t pay for the break time.

Any benefits to paying cash vs credit?

We charge 10% more on all credit cards.

Should I tip my movers?

If our team did a great job, tipping is welcome but not required.

Are there any items that you don’t move?

It is illegal for us to transport combustible or flammable materials. Those items must be safely disposed of before your move. These include items such as: gasoline, propane, oils, paints, aerosols, ammunition, weed killers, acids, etc.

We also don’t move plants, as spending time in the moving trucks is not good for them and will often times not make it to their final destination in a healthy condition. You should arrange to move any plants you intend to keep in a personal vehicle.

Do you have any minimum requirements for moving?

Yes, we have minimums for both local and out of state moves.

  • Local moves are usually based on an hourly rate. For example, if a move only takes 2 hours, we would base the final charges on a 3 hour minimum. This ensures our crews earn a bare minimum daily wage.
  • Out of state moves are usually quoted at a flat rate. If it only takes the crew 1 hour to load, we would base the quoted price at a 3 hour loading minimum. Same will be quoted with the unloading labor.

What is a free on-site/office estimate?

A free on site estimate is a scheduled appointment with one of our professional Moving Consultants to come to your location from which you’re moving. This allows our Moving Consultant to assess the amount of what is being moved and logistical requirements needed to get the job done while reducing the risk of any damage.

Why should I hire a professional mover?

We all know the stress that goes along with moving, and that it can be both mentally and physically draining. Our job is to take away as much of that stress by making your move as easy on you as possible. When it comes to moving your home, special care is needed that only professional moving companies can provide. Much the same way as you would hire a plumber or electrician for their expertise, moving is a project better left to professionals.

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